California, Hawaii, and Nevada

I Frank Endreshave been an R-CALF member and supporter since 1999. We are second generation farmers here in the foothills west of the Sacramento Valley in northern California. In 1987 we moved our entire farming operation from southern California, 600 miles north, to Tehama County where we are now farming and raising cattle on 3,600 acres. My wife of 58 years and I operate our farm in partnership with our two sons – also R-CALF members – and their families making three generations living off of the income our farm produces. Our crops are Feed Barley, Malt Barley, Safflower and Sudan Grass. We also run 185 brood cows and raise feeder calves exclusively on the ranch.

I am also a board member of the National Farmers Organization (NFO). NFO has worked along with R-CALF supporting COOL and other legislative matters. I feel farmers and ranchers need to support both organizations. The programs offered by both organizations are compatible with each other and will help keep the independent farmer and rancher on the land. We must also have parity prices to accomplish that and to insure food security for our nation.