Kimmi Lewis R-CALF Convention Scholarship

R-CALF USA is excited to announce that R-CALF USA is offering a $750 Kimmi Lewis Memorial Convention Scholarship. This is available to any new or existing R-CALF USA member who has never had the opportunity to attend our annual convention. The Convention will be in Rapid City, South Dakota on August 18-20, 2021.

Last year we were able to award three convention scholarships. Those inaugural recipients were Beau Sheets, Wyo.; Anthony Randall, Colo.; and Rock Tarter, S.Dak. Colorado also awarded a convention scholarship through memorial money in the name of R. Jay Jolly, Bill Bledsoe, and Kimmi Lewis, that recipient was Adam Nuss, Colo.

Applications must be submitted by June 1st and must include a short biography and reason for joining R-CALF USA. Application should be sent to Gerald Schreiber, 12445 Hwy 71, Woodrow, CO 80757 or email to

As a footnote, USA FREE the charitable arm of R-CALF USA would like you to consider donations to help build a financial resource through our organization so that we can use interns and award scholarships. USA FREE donations are tax deductible as a charitable donation, please make check payable to USA FREE and mail to R-CALF USA PO Box 30715, Billings, MT, 59107.


  1. Must be a R-CALF USA member who has never attended R-CALF USA convention
  2. Write a short essay on why you joined R-CALF USA and short biography
  3. Submit to Gerald Schreiber at email address:
  4. Deadline for submitting application will be June 1, 2021


  • $750 which pays for registration, room and some travel
  • 2 winners will be awarded by June 1, 2021
  • Convention is in Rapid City, South Dakota, August 18-20, 2021