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Sample FOIA Request January 30, 2019

Conservation Easements FAQ January 17, 2018

R-CALF USA Protest of Allotment Transfer January 11, 2016

FOIA Request to the USAF (PDF 241K) November 28, 2014

FOIA Request to the US Fish and Wildlife Service (PDF 241K) November 28, 2014

FOIA Request to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  (PDF 177K) September 17, 2014

Eye of the Strom by Ramona Hage Morrison (From

 Justice for the Hage Family by Jullian Stone (From

 Up Front, Fall 2012–Storming the beaches of the Toiyabe by C.J. Hadley (From

 R-CALF USA Comments on USAF Powder River Training Expansion Plans  (PDF 70K) February 28, 2014

 R-CALF USA Letter to Department of Interior Regarding Bundy Family (Nevada) April 10, 2014

Judgment in Civil Case US v. Hage and Hage v US Counterclaim May 24, 2013 (49K)

Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law May 24, 2013 (PDF 457K)

R-CALF USA’s Letter to the Department of Interior regarding the Wild Lands Order March 29, 2011 (PDF 48K)

R-CALF USA’s Written Testimony to the House Natural Resources Committee March 15, 2011 (PDF 62K)

R-CALF USA’s Letter in Opposition to Proposals by the Federal Government to Acquire or Control Additional Land to Restrict or Eliminate Grazing September 16, 2010 (PDF 51K)

Bureau of Land Managment (BLM) Leaked Internal Memo September 2010 (PDF 5 MB)

R-CALF USA Comments on EPA Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemakeing November 28, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 157 K)

Exhibit 1 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 2 MB)

Federal Register – EPA Notice (Cow & Pig Tax) Posted Nov. 21, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 8.8 MB)

Federal Register – EPA Notice pages 1-26 (Cow & Pig Tax) Posted Nov. 24, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 1.71 MB)

R-CALF USA Letter to U.S. Senate in Opposition of the Omnibus Land Bill November 18, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 48K)

R-CALF USA Letter to the Knox County Neb. Board November 11, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 48K)

R-CALF USA Comments RE:  Notice of Intent to Prepre an Environmental Impact Statement for the Expansion of the Powder River Complex near Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota August 4, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF File 79K)

UNITED STATES v. NEW MEXICO, 438 U.S. 696 (1978) from (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 83K)

Federal Register Notice to Expand Powder River Complex Near Ellsworth Vol. 73 No. 104 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF File 45 K)

Contact Information to File Testimony Against the Clean Water Restoration Act April 29, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF File13K)

R-CALF USA Letter to the Department of Defense Regarding Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS)  August 1, 2006 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF File 60K)

Chairman’s Final Report  Concerning the November 13 Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health Hearing in Elko NV October 23, 2000 (PDF 6 MB)