Tribal Regions

My wife and I ranch on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in Southwest South Dakota along with our two daughters, Tawny and Mylee. We are on a cow calf operation with my parents. My family also raises and trains performance quarter horses.

Our daughters keep us busy in the summertime with high school and 4-H rodeos and barrel races. In the wintertime we travel to a lot of basketball games to watch Tawny play.

I am also the president of the Oglala Livestock and Landowners Association. We have worked with R-CALF over the past several years.

After the Holcomb County plant fire in the late summer of 2019 I got very disgusted and discouraged with what was happening with manipulation of the cattle market. I called Bill Bullard and I told him that I would do whatever he needed done because I was ready to fight. I now represent Region 10 which is the Native American ranchers across the nation and am honored to do so.

I am happy to be involved with the organization that is helping to fix our industry. I believe R-CALF is the only one actually willing to take a stand and fight for what is right.

I am willing to listen and visit with anyone that’s ready to stand up for USA Beef so we can keep feeding the world and live the life we want to live.