Help us stop unsafe Brazilian beef imports until ALL beef sold in our nation’s supermarkets is required to be labeled with its country of origin. This is a #foodsafety issue.

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We only have 30 days to gather 100,000 signatures on this petition to the WhiteHouse.


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News covering an investigation by Brazil’s federal police report that:

1. Brazil plants knowingly sold rotten meat to schools and to the public

2. Brazil exported huge shipments of spoiled meat to other countries

3. recent meat samples taken from Brazil plants tested positive for salmonella, staph, and sorbic acid

Police Report

The EU, Canada, Mexico, and 12 other countries quickly banned Brazil’s unsafe imports. The United States has not! Sign the petition to stop unsafe beef imports coming into the US!

Beef Import

Brazilian beef can be sold in supermarkets across the USA with no label to differentiate it from safer, American beef.

Meat Market

We are American ranchers. We produce the safest, best beef in the world and we are going out of business at an alarming rate. More than 200,000 of us have lost our family ranches since 1990 because global ‘fat cat’ meatpackers lobby Congress to stop our American beef from being labeled.

Cattle Ranchers

Without a label consumers don’t have the right to choose American. We need the words, “Born, Raised and Slaughtered in the USA” printed on our beef. This will increase demand for American raised cattle and protect American consumers.

All American

We asked President Trump to enact Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling in the First 100 Days of his Presidency by an Executive Order if necessary. Please sign this petition and help remind the President of his promise to “buy American”. His First 100 Days are almost up! #COOLin100

White House

This is the time to protect ourselves and our families from unsafe Brazilian imports and demand to know where our beef comes from!


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Thank you for making sure that your next T-bone will come from an American Rancher! #DemandUSABeef


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