Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming

Region II Director Gerald Schreiber

Gerald and Kay Schreiber operate a cow-calf operation on Colorado’s eastern plains. Our start as a couple dates from our union in 1974. I was awakened to the iniquities of agriculture markets by my late father in-law, Dayton Sharp, and his active involvement in the National Farmers Organization (NFO). As a producer of calves for fall delivery we participated in forward contracting and blocking load lots of calves with our neighbors starting in 1976. I started reading letters to the editor by the late Joel Franz about this new group R-CALF USA in 2001 and joined in 2002. As with my education gained from NFO I believe being an R-CALF USA member and working with Bill Bullard and all of you members, R-CALF USA is helping to make a difference. We must be vigilant in our efforts to avoid vertical integration of the cattle industry. R-CALF USA members are fierce individualists who believe in restoring competition in the marketplace, fighting for private property rights, working for trade agreements that actually reap benefits for producers, object to government overreach in our business, i.e., mandated national animal radio frequency identification (RFID) and seek meaningful reform of the corrupt beef Checkoff program.

It is an honor to be part of the Board of Directors of R-CALF USA representing Region II. Working with Bill Bullard, the staff, and fellow directors is very humbling and challenging in this fight for the future of our cattle business and our rural comminutes.