Animal Health

R-CALF USA’s Comments Urging USDA to Reject Zoetis’ Request to Manufacture FMD Vaccine on Mainland Sept. 15, 2020

Warning! Brazil’s Overlooked Threat to America’s Beef Industry May 1, 2018

Joint letter to APHIS from Nov., 2, 2001 Posted Nov. 13, 2015

Minerva exec. says U.S. cattle lobbyists may delay Brazilian beef exports published by Meatingplace posted Nov. 13, 2015

R-CALF USA Comments to APHIS Regarding Zoning July 14, 2014 (PDF 67K)

R-CALF USA Comments and Exhibit in Docket No. APHIS-2010-0077:  Availability of a Risk Analysis Evaluating the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Status of Japan September 26, 2011 (PDF 292K)

North Dakota State Board of Animal Health in Docket No. APHIS-2010-0077:  Availability of a Risk Analysis Evaluating the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Status of Japan September 26, 2011 (PDF 146K)

R-CALF USA’s Letter to Secretary Vilsack August 25, 2011 (PDF 371K)

R-CALF USA Presentation to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) regarding FMD in Brazil July 19, 2011 (PDF 160K)

R-CALF USA’s Chart Comparing the Brazilian Cattle Industry with the U.S. Cattle Industry July 19, 2011 (PDF 9K)

Department of Homeland Security Responds to R-CALF USA’s April 27 Letter May 26, 2011 (PDF 68K)

Cattle Producers of Louisiana’s Letter to Senator Mary Landrieu April 30, 2011 (PDF 149K)

R-CALF USA Letter to Mary L. Landrieu, Chair, Senate Committee on Appropriations Requesting to Strike All Funding for Proposed NBAF April 27, 2011 (PDF 51K)

R-CALF USA Letter to Department of Homeland Security Reports of Possible Corruption in Entity that Provided Primary Support and Assistance Department of Homeland Security in Locating the NBAF in Manhattan, Kansas April 27, 2011 (PDF 68K)

APHIS Evaluation of the Foot & Mouth Disease Status of Japan April 1, 2011 (PDF 1MB)

R-CALF USA’s Letter to USDA:  Animal Disease Traceability Framework is a Dealbreaker March 4, 2011 (PDF 61K)

Letter To Janet Napolitano, Secretary, Department of Homeland Security regarding the FMD Facility December 21, 2010 (PDF 51K)

Summary of National Academy Study on NAFB November, 2010 (PDF 1MB)

R-CALF USA’s Letter to Secretary Vilsack, stop playing Russian Roulette with the health and safety of U.S. livestock November 29, 2010 (PDF 61K)

R-CALF USA’s Comments to APHIS (Docket No. APHIS-2010-0011) Testing a Foot-and-Mouth Disease Vaccine October 8, 2010 (PDF 73K)

R-CALF USA Comments in Docket No. APHIS-2010-0050, Animal Traceability; Public Meetings August 30, 2010 (PDF 111K)

National Institute for Animal Agriculture and U.S. Animal Health Association White Paper: Reactions, Solutions and Consensus from the Joint Strategy Forum on Animal Disease Traceability Aug. 30-31, 2010 (PDF 4.2 MB)

APHIS’ Report: USDA’s Controls Over Animal Import Centers August 2010 (PDF 458K)

Dutch report positive test for mad cow disease Reuters (Amsterdam) – Friday – September 3, 2010

Washington State Department of Agriculture News Release, WSDA and AB Livestock Reach Settlement July 8, 2010 (PDF 79K)

R-CALF USA’s Comments to APHIS Regarding Santa Catarina Brazil June 15, 2010 (PDF 126K)

Coalition to Protect the Health of the U.S. Livestock Herd Letter to Secretary Vilsack June 13, 2010 (PDF 9 K)

Coalition to Protect the Health of the U.S. Livestock Herd “Questions and Answers: USDA’s Plan to Lift FMD Restrictions for Brazil Through International Regionalization”  June 2010 (PDF 53 K)

R-CALF USA’s Letter to Secretary Vilsack regarding Brucellosis Testing June 1, 2010 (PDF 49K)

R-CALF USA’s letter to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano regarding FMD May 3, 2010 (PDF 48K)

Joint Letter to Congress Requesting FMD Legislation  April 26, 2010  (PDF 61K)

Joint Letter To USDA and USTR Regarding Brazil FMD Regionalization April 12, 2010 (PDF 37K)

R-CALF USA’s Comments on Bovine Brucellosis (Docket No. APHIS-2009-0006) December 4, 2009 (PDF 104K)

R-CALF USA’s Comments on Availability of a Bovine Tuberculosis Concept Paper (Docket No. APHIS-2009-0073) December 4, 2009 (PDF 123K)

R-CALF USA’s Letter to Doug O’Brien, Chief of Staff to Deputy Secretary Regarding Request for Investigation of Potential Violation of USDA Import Requirements August 24, 2009 (PDF 52K)

R-CALF USA’s Presentation to Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan June 2, 2009 (PDF 480K)

Foot and Mouth Disease Fact Sheet January 26, 2009 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 70K)

R-CALF USA Letter to Senator Johnson and Senator Enzi Regarding Foot and Mouth Disease January 26, 2009 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 47K)

NCBA’s memo encouraging a “No” vote on the Johnson Amendment regarding Foot and Mouth Disease July 16, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 40K)

R-CALF USA’s Letter to Senator Tim Johnson regarding Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) July 3, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 47 K)

R-CALF USA’s Letter to Senator Mike Enzi regarding Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) July 3, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 47K)

R-CALF USA’s Letter to Under Secretary Bruce Knight and National Brucellosis Epidemiologist Dr. Debra Donch June 26, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 48K)

R-CALF USA’s Response to June 11, 2008, Article “Korean Leader Considers Ways to Rework Government,” by Choe Sang-Hun June 18, 2008  (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF 63 K)

Supporting Exhibits for Letter:

Exhibit 1 – Japan’s Letter Regarding Animal Health, June 10, 2003 Posted June 18, 2008(Adobe Acrobat Reader 1.33 MB)Exhibit 2 – EV Program for Korea Aug. 2006(Adobe Acrobat Reader 38K)Exhibit 3 – CDC Report on BSE(Adobe Acrobat Reader 100K)

R-CALF USA’s Comments regarding Fever Ticks March 31, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat PDF 1 MB)

Munsell’s The Traceback Bill posted February 28, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat PDF 67K)

R-CALF USA letter to Montana Delegation regarding Traceback Bill February 28, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat PDF 95 K)

R-CALF USA Letter RE: Inquiry Concerning R-CALF USA Correspondence Dated April 16, 2007, on Adequacy of USDA’s Bovine Tuberculosis Mitigation Measures June 18, 2007 (Adobe Acrobat PDF 92K)

Audit Report of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s Control Over the Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Program  April 17, 2007 (2 MB)

R-CALF USA Letter RE:  Inquiry Concerning Adequacy of Bovine Tuberculosis Mitigation Measures  April 16, 2007 (31 KB)

Statement of Inspector General Phyllis K. Fong, USDA, Before the Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Committee on Appropriations United States House of Representatives  March 1, 2007 (166 KB)

Veterinary Inspection Certificate from 1.24.06  April 13, 2007 (557 KB)

APHIS’ Citation with Settlement Agreement Option 1.24.06  April 13, 2007 (427 KB)

APHIS letter to Dickinson, Settlement Proposal 2.26.07  April 13, 2007 (368 KB)

Dickinson’s letter to APHIS 3.5.07  April 13, 2007 (431 KB)

R-CALF letter to Sec. Johanns regarding Dickinson’s Fine 3.23.07   April 13, 2007(143 KB)

Comments of R-CALF USA on Proposed Change in Disease Status of Patagonia South Region of Argentina, Docket No. APHIS—2005—0096  March 6, 2007 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF File 414K)

Federal Register Notice Re: APHIS’ Proposed Rule Change in Disease Status of the Patagonia South Region of Argentina With Regard to Rinderpest and Foot-and-Mouth Disease  January 5, 2007 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF File 76K)

Letter to Sec. Johanns RE: R-CALF USA’s Brucellosis Resolution  November 11, 2006 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF File 480K)

R-CALF USA Animal Health Committee Brucellosis Resolution  October 18, 2006 (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF File 63K)

USDA Risk Analysis:  Risk of Exporting Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) in FMD-Susceptible Species from Argentina, South of the 42° Parallel (Patagonia South), to the United States  June 2005  (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF File 800K)