2020 Trade Show

Please help us to thank the businesses that support U.S. independent cattle producers!
These businesses want your business and they support R-CALF USA!

Diamond Sponsors

AF West Feeds
Ag-West Feeds Inc. Vince Hulinsky 470 S. Hwy 91/PO Box 458 Burwell, NE 68823 Phone: 308-346-5850 Cell: 308-214-1031 vinceagwest@kans.com Facebook: Ag West Feeds Inc


In 1970, Vince Hulinsky started Ag-West Feeds. Vince grew up in a ranching area where he developed a good ranching background. After losing 30% of his calves to scours one spring, he decided to find out why. Vince started his herd out of his Dad’s. His Dad didn’t have a scour problem. The only difference in their cows and feeding program was Vince’s Dad was feeding a high-quality mineral program. Vince started to study nutrition, and went to doing his own nutritional work, using his own formulations. He did and still does this, using the cows to tell him their needs, not some book value or N.R.C. requirements “that should” work.

Vince used these values, not being tied to the Multi-National companies and their ways. Working with you ranchers and your cows, he was able to develop top quality mineral programs to fit the cow’s nutritional needs. Solving sickness problems, not using drugs, but developing the cows own nutritionally healthy immune system. At the same time increasing gains, savings of 20 percent of the roughage, and or 20 percent more beef produced off of the same ranch.

As a result of these efforts, Ag-West-Feeds was born and REMAINS an independent company owned and operated by Vince Hulinsky. Vince asks you to please stop at our booth at the R-CALF USA Convention. Come say Hi, pick up a literature book, “WHICH IS OUR SALES FORCE.” We do not have salesmen to call on you, we hope you can understand our program by reading these literature books. Also sign up for our drawing of a bronze statue.

Ag-West-feeds is a proud supporter of the South Dakota Stockgrowers, R-CALF USA, Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska and others.

CKP Insurance

CKP Insurance LLC

Suzanne Menges
21845 Powerline Rd
Suite 205
Boca Raton, FL 33433

928-961-0915 or



Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance.
A service of the USDA Risk Management Agency.

The Risk Management Agency’s (RMA) Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Pilot Insurance Program is designed to provide insurance coverage on your pasture, rangeland, or forage acres. This innovative pilot program is based on precipitation using the Rainfall Index. This program is designed to give you the ability to buy insurance protection for losses of forage produced for grazing or harvested for hay, which result in increased costs for feed, destocking, depopulating, or other actions.

Why now?

  • The program is very affordable because the government subsidizes 51%-59% of the premium.
  • Premiums are not due until October 1 of the crop year.
  • No claim forms.
  • No adjusters needed. Claims are paid. automatically based on data from NOAA CPC.

How this program works:
When you sign up for coverage under this program, you are protected against losses due to lack of rain. Payment for losses are determined based on the Rainfall Index, which is a comprehensive dataset of precipitation amounts throughout the country. Because indemnity is not calculated based on actual crop production, claims may be automatically processed without the need for adjusters.

Participation in this program is very simple. With the help of a Trusted Risk Advisor, you will choose the grids in which your eligible land resides. You then choose two or more separate index intervals during which precipitation is important to your operation. For each grid you have elected to cover, actual precipitation amounts are compared to the trigger grid indices. If any of the grids had rainfall less than the trigger index, you may receive an indemnity.

PRF is available in the 48 contiguous states with the exception of a few grids that cross international borders. The Rainfall Index will replace the Vegetation Index beginning in the 2016 crop year.

At CKP Insurance, we are dedicated to providing you with insight, information and alternative-risk solutions that are custom-fitted to your business and personal needs. We will tailor a plan for you using specific data in your region; you can even select options acre by acre.

ftpierre livestock auction

Ft. Pierre Livestock Auction Inc.

Bryan Hanson
PO Box 400,
804 Salebarn Rd
Ft. Pierre, SD 57532


Ft. Pierre Livestock Auction

Cattle Sale Every Friday
Special Cow Sales in Fall and Winter on Saturday
Other Special Sales as Advertised

Check out our Website at www.ftpierrelivestock.com

Sale Barn 605-223-2576
Dennis Hanson 605-223-2575
Willie Cowan 605-224-5796
Bryan Hanson 605-280-1283
A BIG Thank You!

Thank you for your business throughout the year. We sincerely appreciate it. We are always glad to come out and look at your cattle and give you an estimate. Don’t hesitate to call collect.

We would like to take this time to say Thank You to all our customers, both consignors & buyers alike, for your business over the past year as well as the past many years.

We look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.

As much as our business is about cattle, it is even more about people. How very fortunate we are to get to do business with some of the finest people in the world. Also, a BIG Thank You to our entire crew! From the yards, to the office, from the full-timers to the part-timers – the auctioneers, brand inspectors, veterinarians, café staff, and everyone involved around Ft. Pierre Livestock.
Market reports, listen to KGFX radio 1060 every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:43 AM CST or KBHB Radio 810 AM (Sturgis) every Monday, Thursday & Saturday at 8:20 AM MT or KOLY (Mobridge) every Saturday morning at 8:45 AM CT.



Moly MFG Silencer

Moly Mfg., Inc. / Silencer

Lacey Mollhagen
2435 10th Road
Lorraine, KS 67459



Moly Manufacturing, Inc. designs, fabricates, and markets hydraulically operated livestock handling equipment world-wide, with emphasis on the comfort of the livestock and the equipment operator, ultimately resulting in additional safety, efficiency, and calmer handling of livestock.

Moly’s first priority is safety. All of our products are master engineered purposefully with your safety in mind.

Moly’s products are remote controlled to allow for less labor, increased safety, and an experience that is less physically demanding.

Moly’s products are modular pieces and can be purchased individually to fit your current facility. We build to suit your needs.

Moly has engineered their products to incorporate a Noise Reduction System that helps keep cattle calm and you safe at all times.

Moly Manufacturing’s SILENCER hydraulic squeeze chute is the Industry Standard for healthy and happy animals. SILENCER’s outstanding equipment design and superior construction gets the work done faster, quieter, and more efficiently with less animal and operator stress.
Fewer people. Less effort. Added safety. TurretGate is an advanced gate design that shuttles back through the turret, re-positioning behind waiting animals. It eliminates the need to swing the gate back open into the waiting animals and virtually eliminates the need for humans to be in with the cattle.

Portable Corrals: Our all-new all-purpose corral comes with a number of impressive features that are sure to streamline your experience! With brace stabilizers, galvanized wheels hinged to the fence surface, and optional head gate for animals of varying sizes, the AP corral is the best in the industry. 

Moly Manufacturing offers a wide range of additional products, including our industry-leading quiet alleys, carriers to fit SILENCER and TurretGate, and both platform and overhead scales. These add-ons are sure to improve your experience in using our other products.

All Moly products are made to order! 

Tri-State Livestock News

1501 5th Ave. – Suite 101
Belle Fourche, SD 57717

Carrie Stadheim, Editor
Dianna Palmer, Sales



For five decades, Tri-State Livestock News has established a strong reputation as a leading publication within the livestock industry. Much of Tri-State Livestock News’ growth and success is due to the long-term support from livestock producers and ag businesses in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado and Kansas.

Published every Saturday, Tri-State Livestock News is the commercial cattlemen’s publication, located in the heart of one of the greatest beef producing regions in the world. 

We look forward to serving the needs of livestock producers with timely editorials and advertisers who serve the livestock industry. Please make a point to visit us online at www.tsln.com updated daily. 

The Farmer & Rancher Exchange’s first issue was published in the spring of 1981, making 2016 our 35th Anniversary. Originally a publication that was mailed to 12,000 rural route households, Farmer & Rancher Exchange now has a circulation of 15,000 with the bulk of our distribution centering in South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana. Many of the businesses that began advertising in 1981 continue to advertise with us today. We are proud to maintain such strong relationships with businesses within the agricultural community. The Farmer & Rancher Exchange is the largest weekly advertising publication distributed free in the upper Midwest region. It is the only weekly agricultural publication that is 100 percent advertising. It is truly the “buy and sell bible” for a seven-state area.  

Hundreds of businesses advertise in Farmer & Rancher Exchange including livestock markets, vehicle dealers, farm machinery and equipment dealers, antique dealers, realtors, auctioneers, seed, feed retail, grocery and building material businesses. In the spring of each year, hundreds of registered livestock producers promote their livestock production and/or private treaty sales. These businesses advertise in Farmer & Rancher Exchange because it offers a vast potential customer based with the largest geographical coverage of any South Dakota based agricultural publication.

Gold Sponsors

Big Frig Brock Hutchinson 310 N Derby Ln #1577 North Sioux City, SD 57049 605-540-0911 or 605-261-5064 www.bigfrig.com brock@bigfrig.com

Big Frig, an outdoor company based in South Dakota, was founded after Brock Hutchinson recognized a need in the marketplace for a first-rate, affordable vacuum-sealed tumbler and rotomolded coolers. Although competitors offered lower cost coolers, their products unfortunately lacked in quality and features that appealed to loyal cooler consumers. Therefore,
Hutchinson set out to design products that would perform as well as (if not better than) big names in the market—without the price tag.

At Big Frig, we believe in treating our customers like family and that family comes first. We believe in answering the phone and going the extra mile.

We believe that our customers deserve a quality product for their money and a company that will stand behind it. Our products are designed and tested to withstand the toughest conditions of the Midwest and provide high performance in every environment imaginable. Hutchinson says that he and his team believe that their clients deserve nothing less. Big Frig’s products are not just tumblers or coolers, but instead a reflection of a way of life.

Big Frig donates 20% of the purchase price of all R-CALF branded products to R-CALF USA shop now at https://bigfrig.com/pages/r-calf-products

Cattle Business Weekly

The Cattle Business Weekly

Donnie Leddy
or Courtney Gebes
PO Box 700/185 S. Center
Philip, SD 57567
605-859-2022 or 605-484-2561


Who We Are
Kent is a leading source of nutrition products and services for commercial livestock, lifestyle animals, and pets. It’s all we do. And more than simply recognizing the unique relationship our customers have with their animals – we share it.

What We Do
Our products are driven by research, innovation, and quality while our company is guided by dedication, honesty, and integrity.

How We Do It
Meeting the nutritional needs of each animal – exceeding the expectations of every owner – is why we work. It is the challenge that excites us, the passion that inspires us, and a promise we live up to.


Grossenburg Implement, Inc.

Justin Kenzy
11090 Hwy 12 Bus.
Belle Fourche, SD 57717
605-892-2621 or 605-840-0115



Charles Jacob Grossenburg and his wife Blanche founded Grossenburg Implement in 1937. C.J. Grossenburg, an energetic and reliable salesman, started out selling and trading cattle and hogs in Omaha and Sioux Falls. His interest in cutting edge farming technology (and several inventions under his belt) had him researching the opportunity to bring John Deere tractors to the Tripp County area – the need for two-cylinder tractors was on the rise during WWII, and so began Grossenburg Implement.  Blanche also added to the foundation of Grossenburg Implement with her work ethic. Even in her later years, Blanche worked six days a week. She was always at the desk, always had a positive attitude, and was always thinking about the business.

Charles and Blanche had two children, and both were actively involved in the business throughout their life. Norma (Grossenburg) Nielsen was the Office Manager and Bookkeeper starting in 1970. Gene Grossenburg became more active in the implement business after he graduated high school in 1949 up until he was enlisted in the Army as part of the Korean War efforts. For his service in Korea, Gene earned the Korean Service Medal with two Bronze Service Stars and V Device, the United Nations Service Medal, the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart. When he came back home, Gene became full-time partner at Grossenburg Implement. This is where the business became known as C.J. Grossenburg and Son – the infamous name painted with green and yellow on the front of the Winner location – which is still here today.

Gene had four children with his late wife LaWayna (Swaney) Grossenburg. Barry was the second oldest and was very active in the implement business at an early age (6-1-1972 to be exact!). Barry is famous within the company for saying, “I was born, raised and will die an implement dealer.” Barry graduated Winner High School in 1974 and went on to South Dakota State University (SDSU) in Brookings. He graduated from SDSU in the spring of 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agri-Business. He married his high school sweetheart Marilyn LaCompte that summer of 1978 and they eventually had three children: Melissa, Charlie, and Lanie. Marilyn also adds to the family business as the owner of sister-company, Rosebud Concrete.

Like his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Charlie Grossenburg took a liking to the implement business at an early age. Now in its 4th generation, Charlie is excited and honored to carry on the Grossenburg name from his great-grandfather. Charlie graduated from Winner High School in 2001. Charlie followed in his father’s footsteps and graduated in 2006 from SDSU in Brookings with a Bachelor of Science in Agri-Business. Charlie married Winner-native Erin Engel and they have three sons: Jackson, Haydon, and Liam.

Lanie Grossenburg married Adam Severson in 2010. Adam graduated with a Business Econ degree from SDSU in Brookings and then started working for Grossenburg Implement in 2009. Adam and Lanie have three children: Louie, Oscar, Mabel.

Grossenburg Implement carries forward the tradition of service established by Charlie and Blanche so many years ago by working to prove ourselves every day. Barry Grossenburg reminds all employees this every day of every week… this is what makes us successful year in and year out.



James Grothe
2905 Hwy 61 N.
Muscatine, IA 52761



Who We Are
Kent is a leading source of nutrition products and services for commercial livestock, lifestyle animals, and pets. It’s all we do. And more than simply recognizing the unique relationship our customers have with their animals – we share it.

What We Do
Our products are driven by research, innovation, and quality while our company is guided by dedication, honesty, and integrity.

How We Do It
Meeting the nutritional needs of each animal – exceeding the expectations of every owner – is why we work. It is the challenge that excites us, the passion that inspires us, and a promise we live up to.

ozark hills

Ozark Hills Insurance

David Hall
Jared Underwood
1701 Porter Wagoner Blvd
West Plains, MO 65775



With weather volatility having everyone 60 days away from a drought, be proactive; don’t let your future dry up! At some point and time, your ranch has been or is going to be affected by a drought. There are a lot of ranchers that are unaware of the programs available to them to help offset the cost from dealing with the devastations of a drought. Severe droughts have accounted for the loss of over 32,000 cattle operations from 2007-2012.

Call us now to sign up. Program paid over $475 million in 2018! At Ozark Hills, we are cattle ranchers just like yourself and understand the financial hardships a rainfall shortage can have on an operation’s bottom dollar. We are making an all-out effort to contact fellow ranchers to inform them of the money they are missing out on and what we can bring to the table as drought specialist.

This program is federally subsidized by RMA. It pays when rainfall is less than 90% of average for any 60-day period. No upfront cost to enroll. Works on pasture and hay ground.

Contact us today to get a proposal for your ranch. This proposal will give you a general idea of the financial gains to be had from this program. Call me and we can talk more about this.

Vitalix, Inc.

Ed Weber
1820 10th Ave
Sidney, NE 69162


Vitalix® is an American Family owned company that specializes in quality low moisture cooked molasses supplement tubs made from the best all-natural ingredients available. Since 1989, Vitalix® has been at the forefront of the tub business, committed to leading the way in how controlled consistent nutrition is delivered to almost all species of livestock.

Livestock is your livelihood, tubs are our expertise.

Every day you face nutritional decisions that affect the profitability of your operations. The mission behind the Vitalix® advantage is built on a foundation of trust and partnerships through our revolutionary cooking methods, advanced technologies, and our proprietary nutritional packages to deliver the best value for your feed dollar. Vitalix® offers a complete range of tubs for any season, condition, and forage quality to meet the nutritional needs of your livestock. Vitalix® quality livestock supplements lead our customers to new levels of performance, efficiency, convenience and profits.

God’s Miracle Molecule

Scott Hahn
PO Box 382
Ness City, KS 67560



Silver Sponsors

AgroLiquid Fertilizer

Brian Waugh
3055 W M-21
St Johns, MI 48879


We know the impacts that climate, weather and soil conditions can have on a crop. This is part of the reason that effective crop nutrition programs must be customized. Some soil conditions won’t hold nutrients, while others will capture some nutrients and not others. Too much rainfall can also cause nutrients to leach or runoff, while too little rainfall can prevent nutrients from reaching plant roots. These are just a few of the reasons it is important to work with an agricultural expert and local supplier who understands your unique area.

We work with leading agricultural input suppliers to bring you nutrition plans customized for your crops and climate. Our agricultural fertilizer suppliers not only provide crop nutrition, they offer a high level of expertise on all types of crops, soil types, weather conditions, and more. Local, national and international suppliers carry AgroLiquid products.

Local Agricultural Fertilizer Suppliers in your area can tell you more about AgroLiquid fertilizers, how they compare to commodity fertilizers, and when and how it is best to use them. If you’re unable to find a local agricultural fertilizer supplier in your area with experience about AgroLiquid, contact us. Our agronomist team can give you more information about high-efficiency liquid fertilizer and how it works with your crops and climate.

Martin & Co, Branded Denim

Kelly Martin
1811 Presidential Blvd
Battle Mountain, NV 89820



Martin Co

Branded Denim by Martin & Co. came to life as a vision for all those working cowboys and cowgirls who make their living with long days working cattle and branding calves to being in the saddle from sun up to sundown. 

Branded Denim by Martin & Co. was founded by Kelly Martin. Kelly has grown up and worked on ranches all over the Western United States side by side with her father George Martin, who is also a custom boot maker and a leather craftsman. Over the years he has passed down his knowledge of boot making and leather craftsmanship to his daughter. With hard work and determination Kelly became a Master Boot Maker receiving significant recognition from her peers. In 2015, she won the “work boot” category at the Art of the Cowboy Maker contest in Las Vegas, at that same contest she was mentioned as the “People’s Choice” winner.  Kelly was nominated as the Master Boot Maker at Art of the Cowgirl in 2019.

While she continues to be a Master Boot Maker, Kelly felt that the genuine working guy was being forgotten in today’s society. She wanted to expand her creativity and vision to create the perfect pair of jeans for the working man and woman that would be able to withstand long hard days of work, or perhaps a night out on the town, all while being comfortable. Branded Denim by Martin & Co. is made in the USA and inspired by our humble beginnings working on ranches alongside cowboys and cowgirls.

South Dakota Stockgrowers

South Dakota Stockgrowers Assoc.

James Halverson
426 Saint Joseph St
Rapid City, SD 57701



For over 125 years, our mission has remained unchanged, “to promote and protect the South Dakota livestock industry”. SD Stockgrowers Association works to promote the independent livestock producers of South Dakota.  Everything we do relates to the ability to preserve the viability of our ranches and rural communities whether it be through proper legislation, property tax reform, school funding, or stewardship and land management. 
The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association is proud to be R-CALF’s largest state affiliate.  We urge our members to support the great work of R-CALF USA and we invite R-CALF members to join our association. 

For more information, call us at 605-342-0429, find us on Facebook, on the web at www.southdakotastockgrowers.org or stop by our office in downtown Rapid City.

Bronze Sponsors


American National Insurance

Monte McQuigg
4624 Creek Dr, Ste 5
Rapid City, SD 57701


Eichler Livestock

Keith Eichler
1624 Melody Ln
Aberdeen, SD 57401



Independent Cattlemen


Joyce Menke
PO Box 72
Elk Mountain, WY 82324



Rosie Boss, Author

17055 Day Rd
Onega, KS 66521



Mama Tried

Mama Tried

216 Wilcox St
Castle Rock, CO 80104





Meet America

Meet America, Inc.

Korry Lewis
30377 County Road HH
La Junta CO 81050




Multimin USA, Inc.

Al Schoenfeld
2809 E. Harmony Road #190
Fort Collins, CO 80528



Natures Formula

Natures Formula

Natalie Walker
PO Box 200
Brownsboro, TX 75756



Security State Insurance

Security State Insurance, LLC.

Joe Reints

PO Box 135
Chancellor, SD 57015


South Dakota Farmers Union

South Dakota Farmers Union

Karla Hofhenke
1410 Dakota Ave S
Huron, SD 57350



Top Shelf Western

Top Shelf Western

Loretta Monnens
1334 Little Missouri Rd
Hulett, WY 82720


Wall Meat

Wall Meat Processing

Ken Charfauros
21 N. Creighton Rd
Wall, SD 57790



Social Sponsor

CKP Insurance

CKP Insurance

Suzanne Menges
21845 Powerline Rd, Suite 205
Boca Raton, FL 33433


Prayer Breakfast Sponsor

Valentine Livestock Auction

Valentine Livestock Auction Co.

Greg Arendt
126 N Government St,
Valentine, NE 69201



Livestream Sponsor

Cattle USA

Cattle USA

Brian Winter
1028 West Cherry Ave
Enid, OK 73703



Registration Sponsors

Cattle Business Weekly

The Cattle Business Weekly

Donnie Leddy
Courtney Gebes
PO Box 700
Philip, SD 57567





Leon Garrett
701 Joann Dr
Pierre, SD 57501


Speaker Sponsors


ACME Cattle Management Equipment, LLC.

Chris Franklin
6472 Hwy 2
Dalton, GA 30721



Brock Livestock Co.

John “O.J.” Hanson
1145 Mayoworth Rt
Kaycee, WY 82639


Pro-Earth Animal Health

Pro Earth Animal Health

Matt Zancanella
PO Box 336
Aurora, SD 57002



Rosebud Farms Union

Clayton Whitney
209 W Hwy 18
Gregory, SD 57533



Break Sponsors

Dinklage Enterprise

Dinklage Enterprises

Jim Dinklage
51054 874th Rd
Orchard, NE 68764



Philip Livestock Auction

Philip Livestock Auction, LLC.

Thor Roseth
PO Box 875
Philip, SD 57567



Farm Credit Services

Farm Credit Services of America

Pamela McClelland
PO Box 10
Pierre, SD 57501



Producers Livestock

Producers Livestock – Omaha

Rick Keith
4809 S 114th St
Omaha, NE 68137



Keyhole Ranch

Keyhole Ranch  Inc.

Skip and Vanna Waters
647 McKean Rd
Moorcroft, WY 82721



U Lazy U

U Lazy U Angus

Robert and Ruth Fortune
24801 Iron Heart Rd
Belvidere, SD 57521


Break Sponsors (cont'd)


Meyerink Farm Service, Inc.

Duane Meyerink
36794 SD Hwy 44
Platte, SD 57369




Vig Ranch

Ryan Vig
18203 Opal Rd
Opal, SD 57758



Logo Sponsors

The Calving Book App

Ellen Schlechter
35173 SD Hwy 26
Orient, SD 57467



Copy Country

1026 W. Main St.
Rapid City, SD 57701



Dinklage Enterprise

Dinklage Enterprises

Jim Dinklage
51054 874th Rd
Orchard, NE 68764


Platte Livestock

Platte Livestock Market

Scott Kirsch
PO Box 905
Platte, SD 57369


Ranchers Livestock Equipment

Ranchers Livestock Equipment

Laura Petersen
100 Airport Rd
Gregory, SD 57533



T-N-T Event & Marketing Management, LLC

Tif Robertson, CEO


Wishon Cattle Company

George Wishon
614 Hwy 20 E
Colville, WA 99114
509-684-3558 or 509-680-2001



Legacy Sponsor

Chain Land & Cattle Co./Brad and Andrea Hutchison, Canton, Okla.

Ride for the Brand Sponsors

13 Cattle Company, Mike and Angie Jones, Dardanelle, Ark.; Adams County       Livestock, Justin Oberling, Payson, Ill.; Beck’s Angus Ranch, Clay Beck and Dave Beck, Mills, Neb.; Cattle    Producers of Washington, Rice, Wash.; Dockter Jensen Ranch, Kerry and Brenda Dockter, Denhoff, N.D.; Double HH Ranch, Scott and Shanna Hall, Nordheim, Texas;   Kenny and Roxie Fox, Belvidere, S.D.; Fox Ranch, Rick and Theresa Fox, Hermosa, S.D.; Kenzy Backgrounding, Brett Kenzy and George Kenzy, Ione, S.D.; La Salle Farm, Chuck and Roni Sylvester, La Salle, Colo.; Loup Ridge Cattle Company, Justin and Tracy  Bradley, Brewster, Neb.; Mill Iron S Ranch, Liz and Avery May, Kyle, S.D.; MW Cattle Company, Tracy and Donna Hunt, Newcastle, Wyo.; Eric and Carol Nelson, Moville, Iowa; Ninety Six Ranch, Kris Stewart, Paradise Valley, Nev.; Jay and Tricia Platt, St. Johns, Ariz.; R-Bar Cattle Co., Ronnie and      Wah-Leeta Rogers, Cedar Vale, Kan.; Schreiber Ranch, Gerald and Kay Schreiber, Woodrow, Colo.; Sodak Angus Ranch, Vaughn and Lois Meyer, Reva, S.D.; Stevens County Cattlemen’s Association, Rice, Wash.; TNT Cattle Co./Max and Brenda Thornsberry, Richland, Mo.; Vander Wey Ranch, Rick and Kitty Vander Wey, Crookston, Neb.; Warren Ranch, R.V. and Gretchen Warren, Dunning, Neb

2020 Saddle Sponsors

Saddle by Baxter Badure, Belvidere, S.D.; Ft. Pierre Livestock Auction, Ft. Pierre, S.D.; Ag-West Feeds, Burwell, Neb.; 1st Interstate Bank of Sturgis, S.D.; Jenner Equipment Co., Rapid City, S.D.; Newell Service Center, Newell, S.D.; 212/79 Service Center, Newell, S.D.; Spur Saloon & Steakhouse, Nisland, S.D.; Rack by Leroy Wicks, Dupree, S.D.

R-CALF USA Affiliates

Arizona Cattle Growers’  Association, Mesa, Ariz.; Navajo County Cattlemen’s   Assoc., Joseph City, Ariz.; Madera County Cattlemen’s Association, Madera, Calif.; Lincoln County Stockmen’s Assn., Hugo, Colo.; Southern Colorado Livestock Association, Kim, Colo.; Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Association, Karval, Colo.; Southwestern Colorado Livestock Assn., Cortez, Colo.; Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb.; Producers        Livestock, Omaha, Neb.; Hometown Credit Union, Kulm, N.D.; Independent Beef Association of North Dakota,    McKenzie, N.D.; Buckeye Quality Beef  Association, Inc., Mount Gilead, Ohio; Oklahoma Independent            Stockgrowers Assoc., Seiling, Okla.; Morrow County  Livestock Growers, Heppner, Ore.; South Dakota     Stockgrowers Association, Rapid City, S.D.; Steven’s County Cattlemen’s Association, Chewelah, Wash.; Northern Wisconsin Beef Producers Association, New Auburn, Wis.; Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming, Elk Mountain, Wyo.; Cattle Producers of Washington, Ritzville, Wash.