R-CALF USA would like to extend our gratitude to all of the generous sponsors for making our 2017 convention the best ever! Click here to view the list of our trade show sponsors and please help us show them appreciation by supporting the businesses that help made the 2017 R-CALF USA Convention and Trade Show a huge success! Don’t forget to tell them R-CALF USA sent you! Again, thank you to our sponsors and we look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Annual Convention and Trade Show in Rapid City, SD August 24 & 25, 2018. Details coming soon!


Platinum Plus Sponsors


Ag-West Feeds
Vince Hulinsky
470 S. Hwy 91/PO Box 458 Burwell, NE 68823
308-346-5850 or

WHAT IS AG-WEST-FEEDS INC? In 1970, Vince Hulinsky started Ag-West Feeds. Vince grew up in a ranching area where he developed a good ranching background. After losing 30% of his calves to scours one spring, he decided to find out why. Vince started his herd out of his Dad’s. His Dad didn’t have a scour problem. The only difference in their cows and feeding program was Vince’s Dad was feeding a high quality mineral program. Vince started to study nutrition, and went to doing his own nutritional work, using his own formulations. He did and still does this, using the cows to tell him their needs, not some book value or N.R.C. requirements “that should” work.

Vince used these values, not being tied to the Multi-National companies and their ways. Working with you ranchers and your cows, he was able to develop top quality mineral programs to fit the cows nutritional needs. Solving sickness problems, not using drugs, but developing the cows own nutritionally healthy immune system. At the same time increasing gains, savings of 20 percent of the roughage, and or 20 percent more beef producer off of the same ranch.

As a result of these efforts, Ag-West-Feeds was born and REMAINS an independent company owned and operated by Vince Hulinsky. Vince asks you to please stop at our booth at the South Dakota Stockgrowers Convention. Come say Hi, Pick up a literature book, “WHICH IS OUR SALES FORCE.” We do not have salesmen to call on you, we hope you can understand our program by reading these literature books. Also sign up for our drawing of a bronze statue.

Ag-West-feeds is a proud supporter of the South Dakota Stockgrowers, R-Calf, Independent Cattlemen of Ne. and others.



Callicrate Banders
Callicrate Cattle Co.
Ranch Foods Direct

Mike Callicrate St. Francis, KS
785-332-3344 or mike@nobull.net

The Callicrate Bander has earned a reputation as the most humane and effective bloodless castration method on the market, recommended by veterinarians, animal handling specialists and cattle producers. Learn more at CallicrateBanders.com.

Ranch Foods Direct was started by rancher Mike Callicrate in 2000 to connect customers more directly to the source of their food with a pasture-to-plate marketing model. The beautiful retail store at 1228 E. Fillmore in Colorado Springs now carries an extensive selection of meats, dairy products and fresh produce as well as prepared items like locally roasted coffee, artisan bread, soup and condiments.

Callicrate Cattle Company raises cattle, pigs and laying hens using a multi-species regenerative agricultural model. Callicrate Beef comes from Wagyu-Angus cattle, which are known to produce the most heavily marbled and flavorful beef in the world. From rotationally grazed pastures to feeding high-protein barley to pioneering the use of on-farm slaughter, Mike has adopted every innovative practice possible to improve the quality of beef, the husbandry of livestock, and the health of the environment. For more information, visit RanchFoodsDirect.com.



Tri-State Livestock News
Belle Fourche, SD
Carrie Statdheim, Editor or
Dianna Palmer,
Sales 1-877-347-9100 or www.tsln.com

The National Federal Lands Conference has been established to support the bedrock principles of private property rights, free markets, individual liberty, limited government, federalism, and religious freedom upon which the United States of America was founded. These principles can best be promoted by (1) supporting all enterprises or undertakings organized for the purpose of fostering these ideals, (2) teaching and promoting the ideals established by our founding fathers in the Constitution of the United States, and (3) providing a rallying point for all organizations and individuals who are dedicated to the preservation of freedom.

While not exclusive, the primary focus of the National Federal Lands Conference is to provide funding and support for the publication and dissemination of materials that support the principles described above. Special focus should be given to educating our youth, the future guardians of the liberties of our country, in the science of proper government in the tradition of our founding fathers.



National Federal Lands
Kathy Smith
Ogden, UT
801-698-8298 or

For five decades, Tri-State Livestock News has established a strong reputation as a leading publication within the livestock industry. Much of Tri-State Livestock News’ growth and success is due to the long-term support from livestock producers and ag businesses in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado and Kansas. Published every Saturday, Tri-State Livestock News is the commercial cattlemen’s publication, located in the heart of one of the greatest beef producing regions in the world.

We look forward to serving the needs of livestock producers with timely editorials and advertisers who serve the livestock industry.

The Farmer & Rancher Exchange’s first issue was published in the spring of 1981, making 2016 our 35th Anniversary. Originally a publication that was mailed to 12,000 rural route households, Farmer & Rancher Exchange now has a circulation of 15,000 with the bulk of our distribution centering in South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana. Many of the businesses that began advertising in 1981 continue to advertise with us today. We are proud to maintain such strong relationships with businesses within the agricultural community. The Farmer & Rancher Exchange is the largest weekly advertising publication distributed free in the upper Midwest region. It is the only weekly agricultural publication that is 100 percent advertising. It is truly the “buy and sell bible” for a seven-state area.

Hundreds of businesses advertise in Farmer & Rancher Exchange including livestock markets, vehicle dealers, farm machinery and equipment dealers, antique dealers, realtors, auctioneers, seed, feed retail, grocery and building material businesses. In the spring of each year, hundreds of registered livestock producers promote their livestock production and/or private treaty sales. These businesses advertise in Farmer & Rancher Exchange because it offers a vast potential customer based with the largest geographical coverage of any South Dakota based agricultural publication.


Platinum Sponsor


The Cattle Business Weekly
Donnie Leddy
PO Box 700/185 South Center
Philip, SD 605-859-2022 or

The Cattle Business Weekly, based in Philip, S.D., provides beef cattle industry news, market reports, and event coverage for South Dakota and the surrounding region. Founded 12 years ago, “By Cattlemen, For Cattlemen,” the weekly newspaper and annual Cattle Business Herd Reference Guide quickly became a trusted source of information in many farm/ranch homes and agribusinesses. In addition to the weekly paper, we publish South Dakota Angus News, Charolais Country, & Range & Pasture Journal. We also provide ring service and produce sale catalogs and other promotional materials for customers.

Gold Sponsors


Adams County Livestock Buyers
PO Box 277, Payson, IL
Jaime Oberling – 217-430-6666

Adams County Livestock buys fed cattle for 4 packing companies. Cows and bulls for Lone Star Packing Co in San Angelo, TX. Jaime also operates Oberling Farms with his son Justin Oberling. Sells top quality bred heifers and young cows.


PO Box 31, Norfolk, NE
Andi Hemenway – 402-992-0601 andi@insuremyforage.com

Insure My Forage are the specialist with the Federal Crop Insurance program for pasture and forage. The PRF Program (Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage) has paid out over 1.2 BILLION dollars to American Farmers and Ranchers. Swing by our booth, and we can give you the last 10 year payout history for your county and help with the enrollment process.

The PRF program is a federally subsidized crop insurance program authorized by the USDA. The PRF Program pays you indemnity when the rainfall is less then 90% of normal in any selected 2 month period. Visit www.insuremyforage.com for an educational video or to request more information. The enrollment period is Sept 1 to Nov 15th.



Range Magazine
PO Box 639, Carson City, NV
CJ Hadley – 1-800-RANGE-4-U

Insure My Forage are the specialist with the Federal Crop Insurance program for pasture and forage. The PRF Program (Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage) has paid out over 1.2 BILLION dollars to American Farmers and Ranchers. Swing by our booth, and we can give you the last 10 year payout history for your county and help with the enrollment process.

The PRF program is a federally subsidized crop insurance program authorized by the USDA. The PRF Program pays you indemnity when the rainfall is less then 90% of normal in any selected 2 month period. Visit www.insuremyforage.com for an educational video or to request more information. The enrollment period is Sept 1 to Nov 15th.



Tomi Sponsors


South Dakota Stockgrowers Association
426 Saint Joseph St, Rapid City, SD
Silvia Christen – 605-342-0429 or


Winecup Gamble Ranch
James Rogers
Montello, NV


Mobridge Livestock
PO Box 190, Mobridge, SD
Casey Perman – 605-845-3622 or


Ft. Pierre Livestock Auction
PO Box 400, Ft. Pierre, SD
Bryan Hanson – 605-223-2576
or bry2069@yahoo.com;


LDL Cattle
Herman Schumacher
Herreid, SD


Chambers Cattle Co. Inc.
Richard C. Chambers
Hays, KS


Speaker Sponsors

Adams Cattle
Bill and Patti Adams
Lonoke, AR


U Lazy U Angus
Robert and Ruth Fortune
Belvidere, SD


Brock Livestock Co.
John Hanson
Kaycee, WY





Break Sponsors

Keyhole Ranch
Skip and Vanna Waters
Moorcroft, WY

Philip Livestock Auction LLC
PO Box 875, Philip, SD 57567
Thor Roseth – 605-859-2577


Silver Sponsors



Buffalo Hardware, LLC
216 Main St., Buffalo, SD
Sam Olson – 605-375-3322 or

Buffalo Hardware is located in the northwest corner of the state at Buffalo, South Dakota. Since 2014, this family owned and operated business is dedicated to and appreciates the opportunity to serve the rancher.

At Buffalo Hardware we strive to assist our ranching communities by providing quality products for our customers’ projects. From buildings, fencing, and stockades to all of your residential needs. Our goal is to build relationships to last a lifetime.

Please stop or call the store at 605-375-3221 and give our educated staff the opportunity to earn your business and quote your next project.




Buffalo Ranch Supply, LLC
207 1st Street W, Buffalo, SD
Sam Olson – 605-375-3767 or

Buffalo Ranch Supply is your livestock source in the northwest corner of South Dakota. This family owned business is dedicated to providing quality products for the livestock operator.

Buffalo Ranch Supply covers all your livestock needs including but not limited to vaccine and vet supplies, bagged and bulk feed, protein supplement tubs, salt and mineral and horse tack. Also, check out the rental on a livestock working tub and portable panels.

Please stop or call the store at 605-375-3767 and visit with Sam or T.J. about your bulk feed needs.


Farm Credit Services of America
2510 N Plaza Drive, Rapid City, SD
or PO Box 10 Pierre, SD 57501
Jim Lyon – 605-342-0678 or
rapidcity@fcsamerica.com or

Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica) is a customer-owned financial cooperative with 42 retail offices in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. We provide financial products and services to over 51,000 farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses and rural residents. Our expertise in agriculture makes us one of the region’s primary providers of real estate, operating, equipment, facility and mortgage loans, as well as crop insurance. Our specialization in agriculture ensures we understand the industries we serve, including the beef industry. Our support of the cattle sector extends to operations of all sizes including more than half of the 20 largest cattle feeders in the United States.

With $26.5 billion in assets and $4.8 billion in members’ equity, FCSAmerica is one of the largest association in the Farm Credit System, a network of financial cooperatives serving all 50 states and Puerto Rico. FCSAmerica is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors, 13 of whom are producers elected by their fellow customer-owners. Two directors are appointed for their outside expertise.

As part of our cooperative business model, FCSAmerica shares its profits with customer-owners. Since 2004, FCSAmerica has returned $1.3 billion in profits to farmers and ranchers to invest in their operations and families and to spend in their rural communities.



KBHB Radio
1612 Junction Ave Ste 1, Sturgis, SD
Tanya Wilson – 605-347-4455 or

KBHB is the voice of the farmer and rancher in our region. Agriculture is the number one industry in South Dakota. KBHB is home to award-winning News Director Gary Matthews. We are affiliated with two outstanding agriculture networks. Both the Northern Ag Network and the American Ag Network are heard daily on KBHB. Additionally, KBHB airs daily reports from livestock markets throughout the region, including Ft. Pierre, Belle Fourche, St. Onge, Phillip, Lemmon and Faith. Frequently, our market coverage expands to Miles City, Bowman, Dickinson, Billings, Herreid, Miller, Presho and more.

Every Spring, KBHB is the station of choice for a large number of bull sales from throughout the five state area. This type of advertising is almost singularly unique to KBHB and attests to the huge rural listening audience. Many of our bull sale advertisers have depended upon our station to promote their sales for over 25 years. Likewise, the livestock sale barns of this area have used KBHB continuously for over 40 years to promote their business.

The longest running promotion in our area, on any media, is the well-known KBHB auction. It has been on the air for over 35 years. During one recent auction season we kept track of the post office address of all successful buyers and collected a total of 76 different towns, in five states.



MasterHand Milling
428 S Main, Gordon, NE
Elie Otte – 308-360-1332 or

Revolutionizing the Range: Produced in a family-owed operation. MasterHand Milling’s dried distillers grains (DDG) cubes, pellets and creep feed are perfect solutions for ranchers looking to stretch their grass, balance out nutrient needs on pasture, and improve overall herd health. Available in bags, totes and bulk loads, these high energy products contain absolutely no molasses or other filters, are double-screened for fewer fines, and are more palatable and digestible than traditional cubes and pellets.



Pro Earth Animal Health
1921 E. Dakota Ave, Pierre, SD
Matt Zancanella – 800-254-0179 or

Pro Earth Animal Health knows that healthy cattle mean healthy profit margins. We are a team built of ranchers and producers with hundreds of years of combined experience working cattle here in the U.S. This is an American legacy we are working to preserve and pass on to future generations.

Pro Earth’s goal is simple – to bring all-natural, effective, and drug-free supplements to cattle producers and preconditioners across the country. We source our wholesome, high-quality ingredients from U.S. farms and make our products right in America’s heartland. Ingredients such as corn, soy, orange and vegetable fatty acids. Each bottle contains a carefully blended proprietary formula suitable for use in calves and cattle of all ages.

Scours and acidosis are two of the biggest problems that modern cattlemen face – CattlActive works naturally to help reverse the ravages of these conditions.

CattlActive focuses on restoring and maintaining ruminal health. Backed by science, clinical field trials and studies, it is proven to balance the pH of the rumen and help improve gains. CattlActive improves digestion, neutralizes acid, and encourages feed and water consumption for stronger, more robust cattle.


10 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ
Andy Rausch – 605-769-4237 or
Amy Pravecek – 605-390-4241

At Zoetis, our work is guided by a simple vision – that our products, services and people will be the most valued by animal health customers around the world.

We strive every day to put our customers first because when they thrive, we all benefit.

At Zoetis, we discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize a diverse portfolio of animal health medicines and vaccines designed to meet the real-world needs of veterinarians and the livestock producers and companion animal owners they support.

Bronze Sponsors

cat--livestock-equipmentCAT Livestock Equipment
5052 RD 197, Lewellen, NE
Bruce A. Burdick – 308-778-5543
bms-financial-advisorsCFP and BMS Financial Advisors1
508 Mt. View Rd., Ste 101, Rapid City, SD
Don Hausle – 605-721-7777 or dhausle@midconetwork.com
i-bandIndependent Beef Association of North Dakota
PO Box 123, Menoken, ND
Ron Volk – 701-872-2172 or

moly-mfg-silencerMoly Mfg., Inc. / Silencer
2435 10th Road, Lorraine, KS
Brandy Thornton – 785-472-3388
or support@molymfg.com
moores-creek-ranchMoores Creek Ranch
11375 S. Breeden Farm Rd
Prairie Grove, AR
Bill Yancey – 479-200-5009 or blyanc@pgtc.com
oakley-livestock-commission-companyOakley Livestock Commission Company
PO Box 234, Oakley, KS
Kyle Hemmert – 785-672-4100

south-dakota-farmers-unionSD Farmers Union
PO Box 1388, Huron, SD
Karla Hofhenke – 605-352-6761 or
south-dakota-school-public-landsSD School and Public Lands
500 E. Capitol, Pierre, SD
Ryan Brunner – 605-773-3303 or ryan.brunner@state.sd.us
silveusSilveus Insurance Group
1520 Rail Way, Cedar Falls, IA
Rylan Zwanziger – 319-464-2198
or rylan.zwanziger@cropins.net

cavalry-groupThe Cavalry Group
PO Box 147, Grover, MO
Mindy Patterson – 855-748-4210
or cavalrygroup@mail.com
valentine-livestock-auctionValentine Livestock
126 N Government St, Valentine, NE
Greg Arendt – 402-376-4701

WSR Lack of Rainfall Insurance
622 Main St, Woodland, CA
Jim Vann or Matt Griffith
530-218-3379 or jimv@wsrins.com



clark-associates-land-brokersClark and Associates Land Brokers
PO Box 47, Lusk, WY
Colter DeVries – 406-425-1027
or colter@clarklandbrokers.com
huron-continental-marketingHuron Continental Marketing
39763 US HWY 14, Huron, SD
Kim Ulmer – 605-352-9374 or www.livestockrus.com


Banner Sponsors

jenner-equipmentJenner Equipment
PO Box 3102, Rapid City, SD 57709
Dennis or Doug – 605-343-6682 or
sturdevants-auto-partsSturdevant’s Auto Parts
402 South Chicago, Hot Springs, SD
Ryan – 605-745-5154
vitalixVitalix – 701 Joann Drive, Pierre, SD
Leon Garrett – 605-222-1640
or garrettranch@hotmail.com

westway-feed-productsWestway Feed Products, LLC
14015 Park Drive Suite 217, Tomball, TX
Jay Sohler – 281-351-4420 or jay.sohler@westwayfeed.com
platte-livestock-marketPlatte Livestock Market
36580 SD HWY 44, Platte, SD
Scott Kirsch – 605-337-2655 or salebarn@midstatesd.net
ketel-thorstensonKetel Thorstenson
PO Box 3140, Rapid City, SD 57709
Tanya Shepersky – 605-716-3284
or tanya@ktllp.com

mathis-equipmentMathis Equipment
89578 State Hwy 97
Todd Mathis – 402-376-4646 or

Bronze Sponsor


Merck Animal Health – 16931
Twilight Road, Newell, SD
David Gaer – 605-222-0098 or


Boutique Sponsors

the-ranch-boutiqueThe Ranch Boutique
10684 Hwy 22 N, Killdeer, ND
Halley Kleemann – 605-216-0269 or
white-owl-creek-boutiqueWhite Owl Creek Boutique
17972 Sage Place, White Owl, SD
Ann Shaw – 605-985-5517
or shawann34@yahoo.com
wild-ragsWild Rags by Lois
7068 South Peak Road, Geyser, MT
Suzanne Harwood – 406-366-9498 or