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Livestock Auction Crowd

Livestock Auction Fundraisers are the perfect time for all cattle producers, main street businesses and individuals to unite to help pass M-COOL (the “American Beef Labeling Act” or  S.2716) and 50/14 (the “Cattle Market Protection” bill or S.949). 

Help make an impact by participating in R-CALF USA’s nationwide fundraiser to raise money to increase M-COOL and 50/14 support through mailings, emails and texts to the more than 430,000 consumers and producers who signed our petition at DemandUSABeef.com as well as through M-COOL and 50/14 advertisements.

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Raised to help get M-COOL and 50/14 since Sept. 2021
Fundraising Goal

How you can help

Option 1: Donate an animal and host a livestock auction fundraiser at your local auction yard. 

Option 2: Make a general donation, donate a percentage of the proceeds from your livestock sold, or donate the proceeds from one animal to the fundraiser.

*Check back – frequent updates. (Fundraiser funds added to total at time received in office.)  

Sept. 22, 2021 – 1 p.m. at Platte Livestock Market, 36580 SD Highway 44, Platte, S.D., 57369

Update: $14,450 Raised in Platte!

Nov. 5, 2021 – Noon at Livestock Exchange LLC, 28601 Highway 34, Brush, CO 80723

Update: $24,050 Raised in Brush!

Nov. 17, 2021 – Noon at Tri-County Stockyards, 32638 US Highway 10, Motley, MN 56466

Update: $11,003 Raised in Motley!

Nov. 30, 2021 – 11:30 CST at Creighton Livestock Market Inc., 1103 Peabody Ave., Creighton, NE 68729

Update: $9,150 Raised in Creighton!

Dec. 9, 2021 – 3 p.m. CST at Valentine Livestock Auction, 126 N Government St, Valentine, NE 69201 

Dec. 17, 2021- 12:30 p.m. CST at Winner Livestock Auction, 31690 Livestock Barn Road, Winner, SD 57580

Update: $20,650 Raised in Winner!

Jan. 7, 2022 – 1 p.m. MST at Crawford Livestock Market, 100 Beach St., Crawford, NE 69339

Update: $8,081 Raised in Crawford!

Jan. 18, 2022 – 1 p.m. CST at North Platte Stockyards, 2200 E 8th St., North Platte, NE 69101

Update: $4,914 Raised in North Platte!

March 10, 2022 – 1:30 p.m. CST at Valentine Livestock Auction, 126 N Government St, Valentine, NE 69201

Read the full event notice here.

Q: What is a livestock auction fundraiser?

A: Livestock auction fundraisers take place at local auction yards across the country. They are fundraising events put on by R-CALF USA members to raise money and increase memberships for the organization. Those who support the efforts of R-CALF USA can bid on the animal, then donate it back so it can be auctioned off again and again, until bidding ceases. After the last rollover bid, the auctioneer announces that the animal will be sold to the highest bidder and the proceeds will go to R-CALF USA and the animal will go to the winning bid. If your local auction yard agrees, we will help set up the event and inform members and media in your area.

Q: How long does a livestock auction fundraiser last?

A: Livestock auction fundraisers generally last on average between 20 and 30 minutes.  

Q: When should I schedule my fundraiser?

A: It depends on what time and day work best for your local auction yard and you. Typically ‘special’ sale days or BBQ/customer appreciation days work best because of a fuller crowd. We recommend at least 3 weeks advanced notice so that R-CALF USA can send invitations through the U.S. postal service; however, we can and will work with shorter notice.

Q: What should I do before the livestock auction sale?

A: R-CALF USA will inform members and media in your area about your event. Depending on what you feel comfortable doing, some things others have done to boost the success of their calf sale include: personally inviting friends, neighbors, and acquaintances; contacting local businesses to invite a representative to the event and/or ask for a donation to be used as a bid during the calf sale (businesses you frequent such as banks and feed stores have all donated at past sales); and reaching out to local media and sharing the event notice with them.

Q: Do I need to speak before the sale begins?    

A: No, speaking is not required, typically the auctioneer will start the fundraiser and R-CALF USA will try to find a local representative in your area to help at the event.

Q: During the sale, what should I do? 

A: During the livestock auction fundraiser, ask the auctioneer to say or ask for the bidders’ names and have someone appointed to write down all bidders’ first and last names along with the amount they bid.

Q: After the calf sale, what should I do?

A: Have a small table set up so that you can collect payment. Make all checks payable to “R-CALF USA.” After all the donations have been collected, send the list of bidders’ names along with their payments to:  R-CALF USA, PO Box 30715, Billings, MT 59107.

Q: Do donors receive anything in return for their donation?

A: Yes, donors will receive a new R-CALF USA membership or membership renewal to their existing membership. R-CALF USA will provide membership applications for new members to complete at the event.


Q: What is my first step to hosting a livestock auction fundraiser?

A: Complete the information on this form here and/or contact R-CALF USA Field Director Karina Jones at 308-760-3466. We will help set up the event and try to find either a local R-CALF USA representative and/or volunteer(s) in your area to help at the event. 

Congress must pass Senate Bill 2716 (S.2716) the “American Beef Labeling Act of 2021” that reinstates mandatory country of origin labeling (M-COOL) for beef.

Congress must also pass Senate Bill 949 (S.949) the “Cattle Market Protection” bill also called “50/14.” The largest beef packers shrank the most important cattle market, the cash market, to a volume of less than 25%, S.949 requires packers to increase the volume to at least 50%.

Both S.2716 and S.949 need consumer and producer support to pass and both are necessary.


Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard


Ask For Your Senators

If You’re a Consumer, Say:  “Hello, my name is ______________ and I’m from [City/State].  I’m a consumer and I believe the reason my beef prices are so high while America’s cattle producers are losing money is because there is no real competition in the beef supply chain. I want you to fix that by supporting Senate Bill 949, the cattle market protection bill that restores competition for cattle. I want to buy USA beef and I don’t want the cattle industry to become any more consolidated than it already is. Please fix our broken beef supply chain by supporting S.2716 and S.949. Senate Bill 949 is the cattle market protection bill that restores competition for cattle. Senate Bill 2716 is the mandatory country of origin labeling bill that restores competition for beef. Thank you.”

If You’re a Cattle Producers, Say:  “Hello, my name is ______________ and I’m a cattle producer from [City/State]. Our cattle market is broken and has been for many years.  Beef prices have skyrocketed while my cattle prices are too low for me to remain profitable. I need you to fix this as quickly as possible. You can do that by supporting Senate Bills 949 and 2716. Senate Bill 949 is the cattle market protection bill that restores competition for cattle. Senate Bill 2716 is the mandatory country of origin labeling bill that restores competition for beef. I want a competitive cattle market and I want consumers to be able to choose USA beef produced by me and my neighbors. These two important bills will achieve that. Please fix our broken beef supply chain by passing Senate Bills 949 and 2716. Thank you.”

If you would like to get Membership Applications, Stickers, Sorter Flags, Posters, Handouts, Pledge Cards and more for an upcoming fundraiser please use the below form and specify what items you need.

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